From "Ha Ha Halloween," Mr. Smith impersonates the Devil and a weasel lawyer. 

I collected comedy albums, wrote two books about them, interviewed comedy music legends from Tom Lehrer to Zacherley to the Smothers yeah, inevitable I'd be inspired to detour from writing for this pet project.


Ronald L. Smith and Susan Davies in a touching tribute to 50's and 60's horror-novelty songs. You remember "Teen Angel" and "I Want My Baby Back?" 

I'm A Mental Case

I'm a Mental Case...the main reason Newt Gingrich should not die any time soon, is that it will date this song. 

I Cremated Mabel

"I Cremated Mabel" from the "Ha Ha Halloween" album is a tribute to John Zacherle. He nearly recorded this, but had just finished his "Dead Man's Ball" album. (It's all in the timing...) For more songs, check out the "Ha Ha Halloween" album on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon or YouTube. It's horror comedy and it wouldn't kill you to buy a download song or two!